Who We Are

Glass Act is a Nonprofit Organization

501(c)(3) #87-1451109



Our Mission

The mission of Glass Act Recycling is to safeguard environmental quality through community engagement, education, and glass recycling services.

Our Vision

Glass Act Recycling is a non-profit organization, guided by a Board of Directors and supported by conscience grass root citizens dedidcated to reducing glass in our landfill. 

Meet the Founder

Annie Collins

Recycling runs in my roots, taking me back to the ’70s when the hippy movement was raising our consciousness to many environmental issues. There was a part of my Virginia life where we gardened, raised chickens, pigs (that was only once!) hunted, fished and I can honestly say, “I only go to the store for aluminum foil”. Recycling was part of life.

Recycling isn’t as prominent in our community and/or state, we a group of concerned citizens & community & business leaders decided to follow my lead & help get glass recycling up & running. We’re all here to serve the greater good.

Board of Directors

Audrey Kolde — President

Lauren Taylor — Vice President

Kimberly Gremillion — Secretary

June Johnson Davis — Treasurer

Susan Dukes — Volunteer Coordinator

Mike Bergeron — Production Manager

Krissy McCrae — Pick-Up Service

Nicole Holcomb

Jay McCalmont

Frances Boudreaux

Wally Fall