Glass Act is
Officially Open!

Our Alexandria location is now accepting glass drop-offs! Click the button below to learn more.

Upcoming Event!

June 25, 2022

It’s out of the bag… GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER? Our very FIRST Annual Fundraiser Event!
What’s it all about?
We’ll kick off with a cocktail reception and reveal the mystery: who are your dinner hosts and fellow party guests? It’s a mystery until the evening of the dinner! At the reception, you’ll be given directions to your dinner party.

1 Million Years… that’s a long time!

It takes 1 million years for glass to completely decompose. The good news is that a lot of glass products are 100% recyclable.

Start recycling in Cenla

The average recycling facility throws away 60-90% of what they collect. Our rate is less than 2%.

How You Can Get Involved

We have 3 main ways you can get involved: volunteer, advocate, and donate.


We know you’re excited to help! We will have many volunteer opportunities in the coming months. Please let us know if you’re interested!


One of the best ways you can help Glass Act is by spreading the word! Tell your friends, family, and neighbors. Heck, you can even tell the car next to you when you’re stuck in MacArthur traffic!


Donations are the backbone of our organization. We couldn’t do what we do if it wasn’t for your generosity. So please, help us reduce waste by donating to the cause!

Stay Updated

Glass Act Recycling was recently featured in the Cenla Focus! Click on the button below to read the full article.